Your new glasses need to provide you with vision that is crisp, clear and comfortable. The choice of lenses for your specific needs and lifestyle is a key component in achieving great vision. At Specialeyes Newcastle, we stock and recommend Rodenstock optical lenses – they are world leaders in lens design and technology. With German expertise and engineering know-how, Rodenstock provide a range of lenses to meet the complex needs of our 21st century lifestyle – from computer lenses through to lenses designed for sport.

The Rodenstock Difference

Rodenstock are innovators in the field of optical lenses and have a pedigree which stretches back over 140 years. With the hallmarks of German precision, engineering skill and outstanding materials, they offer a guarantee of quality across their product range which includes a 2-year quality guarantee on their Rodenstock lenses and a 3 year quality guarantee on their premium lens coatings. You’ll receive the Rodenstock Guarantee & Service card when you purchase your Rodenstock lenses from Specialeyes Newcastle.


Lenses for Multi-Device Use

For children, behavioural optometry can give a big boost to reading fluency. It is especially helpful to children who may suffer from amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (turned eye) through a combination of glasses and vision therapy.

Our busy lifestyle means that we’re constantly using multiple devices for both work and leisure. You could be spending up to 10 hours a day on your laptop, smartphone and tablet – no wonder those poor eyes are feeling the pinch! We stock and recommend the Rodenstock Ergo range of lenses for digital device use. The enhanced lower portion of the lens provide comfortable reading of text and images at close range while enabling you to use your laptop computer at an intermediate distance. They further protect and relax your eyes through their blue light filter, reducing harmful blue light emitted from your device’s screen.  They make a world of difference to your vision comfort.

Single Vision Lenses for Near or Distance

If you are a single vision glasses-wearer, you’ll be surprised at the lighter, thinner lenses available in your prescription. Rodenstock’s single vision lens range provides you with sharp, relaxed vision and their premium anti-reflection coatings further improve your vision clarity by eliminating reflected light on the surface of your lenses.

Multifocal Lenses

Multifocal lenses are also referred to as progressive lenses and they work by allowing you to see clearly across near and far distances. They work by having different corridors of power in the lens, tailored to your prescription for both near vision and distance vision.  For many people over 40, multifocals are the lens of choice as it means they can use the one pair of glasses for a range of visual tasks. Rodenstock’s Multigressive range of multifocal lenses are available in a wide range of prescriptions and formats and can be individually tailored to meet your near and distance vision requirements.

Transitions Lenses

We stock Transitions lenses which adapt to light conditions by darkening outdoor and fading back to clear lenses for indoor use. Transitions lenses are suitable for both adults and children and offer the additional benefits of UV protection and glare reduction when outdoors. Another great feature of many lenses in the Transitions range is their ‘love them or exchange them’ guarantee – speak to us for more information.

Lenses for Sport

Our range of lenses for sport are designed to enhance your sporting performance and offer protection for your eyes. Specific lens tints are available which facilitate improved contrast in a range of light conditions. As the Sports Vision consultant to the Hunter Academy of Sport, SpecialEyes Newcastle’s principal optometrist Susan Walton OAM can provide a tailored sports vision solution for you to maximise your sporting performance.