Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is an integral part of our holistic approach to vision at SpecialEyes Newcastle.

Our vision therapy programs are unique. In partnership with each patient, we develop a program which incorporates their goals for their vision abilities. Vision therapy requires equal doses of hard work and dedication and that means everyone being ‘on the same page’. Our accredited Vision Therapist, Hannah Walton, brings warmth, encouragement and a sense of fun to our vision therapy programs so that kids, parents and adult patients feel supported and informed on their vision therapy journey.

What do vision therapy programs do?

Vision therapy provides the opportunity for visual abilities to be enhanced and developed through a range of therapies. At Specialeyes Newcastle, our vision therapy programs may include:

  • multi-sensory programs to integrate vision with gross and fine motor skills, speech and hearing, rhythm and timing
  • using specific lenses or prisms to improve vision
  • home-based programs for children, with supervision by a parent or carer

What is the time commitment?

This varies, depending on the level of visual abilities of each patient. Our in-practice vision therapy sessions are one-on-one for 45 minutes over a 10-week period. Like any new set of skills, practice makes perfect and that’s why home practice is vitally important. Home practice of 20-30 minutes, 5 days a week, is best practice – with a parent or carer supervising, of course! We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to encourage your child to take time away from other activities to do their vision therapy practice. Our experienced optometrists and vision therapists at SpecialEyes Newcastle have lots of hints and tips to help you and before you know it, vision therapy will become a seamless part of the daily routine and you will be seeing great results!

Our Vision Therapy at SpecialEyes Newcastle Facebook Page contains helpful information on techniques, research and feedback from our patients – we really encourage you to take a look!